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    Variations on the Blackjack Game


    The history of Blackjack dates back to around 1700, when the now-famous card game was created in France. As it has evolved throughout the centuries, the structure of the Blackjack game has also changed. The game has acquired many forms, many different rules, and many twists as it has made its way from France to all parts of the world. With the advent of the internet, and the subsequent popularity of internet Blackjack, the game has once again undergone a revolution. Not only is the fan base of the casino game now a younger and more international crowd, but the actual shape of the game is also shifting to include new ideas and variations.

    As a result of the popularity of online Blackjack, new players are challenging the established format to incorporate a number of exciting changes. The spread of the game through free Blackjack playing opportunities has produced unique versions of the game and profitable side bets in an effort to further attract new players. Casino Blackjack is also experiencing a similar change. The casinos are now offering game variations similar to those on the internet, as well as betting options that pique visitors’ interest.

    Blackjack Surrender is one of these versions. Once a common feature in Blackjack culture, Blackjack Surrender experienced a regression when it was banned in casinos. Now, some casinos are beginning to re-introduce the game with its controversial “surrender” option. According to Blackjack rules, a player may surrender after the first two-card deal. If the player wants to exit the round before its completion, he must forfeit half of his bet.

    Another Blackjack variation that is becoming a common feature in online casino Blackjack is Blackjack Switch. This is a great game for players who are ready to accept the challenge of handling two Blackjack hands at one time. When playing Blackjack Switch, players have the option of exchanging the cards between their two dealt hands. If, for example, a player receives a 10-6 and a K-2, he may shift the cards from one hand to another to create 10-K and 6-2, or 10-2 and K-6.

    Another revolutionary variation on the Blackjack circuit is called Double Exposure Blackjack. In this game, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up, thus exposing his hand for all players to see. This alteration completely changes standard Blackjack strategy. Although this change gives players a chance to practice their Blackjack technique with the full knowledge of the dealer’s hand, the casino ensures that they retain the advantage by designating both ties and pushes as player losses.

    Perhaps the most popular of all of these new Blackjack games is Elimination Blackjack, the newly designed Blackjack tournament. Created to mimic poker tournaments, Elimination Blackjack manipulates the game to indirectly pit player against player. In this competitive style, a maximum of seven players pick options with a quick 45 second time limit while competing to see who can keep the most chips from 30 hands of Blackjack,.

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