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    Heads Up Blackjack in a Land Based Casino vs. Online Casino

    Experienced blackjack gamblers often say the best place to be in heads blackjack is heads up against the dealer. Playing blackjack at home online or in a casino can have distractions but at home you can control distractions better. For example , you can play in a quiet room or turn off the phone. In a land based casino, you can't control noise and other various distractions. Players get an advantage when playing one on one with the dealer. Additional players can make the game of blackjack harder to win.More players mean card counting becomes a more arduous task trying to remember all the cards. If playing one on one it's easier to keep count. You can also control the rate of play and have more time than at a table full of blackjack players.

    In online blackjack, cards are shuffled after each deal so card counting is a disadvantage.It's a more pure luck basis in that respect.There's no advantage to card counting in online blackjack. The big difference between land based and online casino in heads up blackjack is that heads up is always available online but not always in a land based casino and even if it is , it's harder to keep. A casino has to pay the dealer and one player in heads up blackjack might not be the most profitable situation for the casino. Online blackjack that's less of a problem.

    Play Blackjack with a Live Dealer at Sun Palace Casino

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