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    Be A Pro With Blackjack Terminology


    In recent years, the development on internet casinos has grown in popularity ten fold. Casino games also have been growing in popularity and taking shape, especially one of the most popular, known as blackjack.

    Blackjack, or 21 blackjack is found in most land based and online casinos throughout the world. Although it was not originally popular to play blackjack when the game was first brought to America, the game eventually caught and now can be played at most any internet casinos sites.

    In basic blackjack, the rules of the game are relatively straightforward. Each player is tasked with the job of having a hand as close to 21 as possible. Although this may sound simple, the player also has to beat the hand of the dealer with whom he is playing against. In some circles, the blackjack dealer is considered to have a small advantage. Consequently, the player must use blackjack strategy in his play and evoke various techniques.

    One such technique that a player may choose to use is to double down. In casino blackjack, a player is dealt two cards, one facing up and one down. If a player is given a good hand and believes the next card dealt to him will make his hand better he may opt to double down and increase his wager to a maximum of double the original bet. However, he is only permitted to take one more card from the dealer. For instance, if a player made an original bet of $20, he can double down and increase his bet to up to $40.

    This can be very lucrative for some folks, provided they have been counting cards or have a hand that requires a relatively easy card to receive. If a player has made an original bet that was high, they always have the option of doubling down for less. Rather than adding another $100 to an original $100 bet, a player can add only $50, and thus double down for less, as per blackjack rules.

    When it comes to terminology like this, it is important for anyone who wishes to play blackjack to understand what the terms mean. At a blackjack table, a player will be asked if they wish to hit or stand. A hit means that you want to take another card, whereas a stand means that a player will stay with the cards they have. If an online blackjack player is lucky enough to be dealt a pair of cards, he may choose to split his cards and have the opportunity to double his wager. In order to split, a player needs to have two matching cards. If he does, he can divide his one hand into two new hands. However, this option is available only when both cards have the same rank.

    When a blackjack tournament or game nears the end, a player always has the option to surrender. A surrender allows a player to forfeit half of his bet, rather than losing all of it to the house in the end.

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