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    How To Play a Soft Hand

    In blackjack if one of the first two cards drawn is an ace it is called a soft hand.The ace is worth either 11 or 1 and there is strategy to give an advantage in this situation.

    First , look at the dealer's hand.The general rule is for Ace 2 or 3 , double if the dealer has 5 or 6 cards exposed or hit.For Ace 4 and 5 double if the dealer has 4-6 or hit. For Ace 6 double if the dealer's cards are 3 -6 or hit. For Ace - 7 stand if the dealer has 2 , 7 or 6 , double 3 thru 6 or hit and stand for Ace 8 or 9 hands. Soft hands give two ways of playing and double the bet in the process.Also look at the dealer and how they play a soft hand. If the dealer stands on 17 the player loses an advantage to the house.This is because the dealer will not go bust standing. Conversely if the dealer is able to hit a soft 17 they get more opportunities to get bigger hands but more opportunities to bust as well.

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