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    Blackjack Insurance

    Playing blackjack , strategy often offerred is blackjack insurance.Depending on the blackjack game played , blackjack insurance can help a win or create a double loss. In blackjack insurance , the idea is that the dealer who has an ace will also have a face card for blackjack.The wager is half the size of the bet and in essence covers the potential loss.

    If the dealer does have blackjack , you get the 2 to 1 payoff covering your original bet but if they have anything else you lose the bet and might lose the original bet as well At a land based casino, the dealer will ask for insurance bets online buttons come up that give the insurance bet option.

    The only problem is blackjack is like getting a royal flush. It happens but rarely. So it's not an advantageous proposition most of the time , mathematically speaking it's not worth it. Blackjack insurance is just insurance that makes you feel good for that bet.But overall, you better to use the law of averages and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and if the dealer has an ace remember it's not too common. But it's even less common , to have blackjack.

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