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    How To Play a Hard Hand

    This page covers hard hands in blackjack.Do you know a hard hand is ?In blackjack a hard hand is a hand that does not have an ace. Most hands dealt are hard hands and there is simple strategy here and empirically that will help you become a better player. Developing and implementing a basic strategy is key to having a formula to win.

    The first thing to do after being dealt cards is to check out the dealer's card and work from there.These are some blackjack scenarios.

    For hand value of 8 or less always hit depending on the total up to 11.Double if the dealer has 3 -6 or hit.

    If you have 10 - double if the dealer has 2 - 9 but hit if the dealer has an ace.

    For hand values of 12 hit if the dealer shows 2 or 3 but stand for 4 , 5 or 6 or hit.

    If you have 13 -16 stand if the dealer has 2 - 6 or hit.

    For 17 through 21 always stand.

    These are basic rules for blackjack gambling. Once you add you own experience , you can alter the formula with your own empirically driven results

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