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    Blackjack Gambling Options

    There are several options in the game of blackjack once the cards are dealt. They are:

    Hit - to hit is to take another card. In blackjack , one hits to either hand value of 21 or as to it as possible.

    Stand - to stand is to hold at a given level. For example , a player has 18 hand value and opts to stand thinking that's the best hand for the blackjack round.

    Splitting Pairs - to split pairs is giving the player two hands. An additional bet must be made equal to the original bet.It's always advisable to split aces since a 10 or face card will yield 21.Though even if you win it's considered a regular payout not blackjack. Subsequent splits can also occur especially online if pairs occur during the dealing of split pairs , but check the rules first.

    Doubling Down - during the initial two card hand doubling down or increasing the initial bet by double the original bet can occur.After doubling down only one card is dealt and the player must stand. If you get dealt 21 , this is where doubling down can add to your winnings.

    Surrender - in a surrender bet the player forfeits the game losing half the bet.This is when the player thinks they have a losing hand.

    Insurance - insurance is allowed when the dealer turns up and ace and the player thinks the dealer will get blackjack.The insurance is the player gambles half the original bet and if the dealer has blackjack , the gambler breaks even. If the dealer doesn't have blackjack, the gamble is lost.

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