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    Blackjack Gambling and Surrendering

    Playing blackjack online has it advantages one of them is surrendering. Most online casinos that have blackjack also offer surrender as an option. What is surrendering and why you need to know.

    A blackjack gambler needs to know all the ins and out of the game to be the best player. One of the rarely approached subjects many people don't know about is surrendering. This a tactic in the game where the player gives up the hand and half of the bet gambled. It's not always offered so get the facts of the game before you play. In essence , if you bet $10 and you surrender , you give up $5 and move to the next game.

    Using surrender can give you an advantage and win or hold on to more cash.Note if the dealer has blackjack , the surrender options is usually not offerred.

    The best times to use the surrender option is with total card points between 12 and 17 opposed to a dealer's ace.Also totals of 14,15,16 against a dealer's face card or 10.Also surrender a pair of 3's to a dealer's ace 14,15,16 are all totals that may lead to a bust so if the option is to surrender take it as opposed to having a total of 11 where you would want to take a hit. Surrending in blackjack is another option that gives you an edge in the game . `

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